Walsall College – Train the trainer Resource Pack

In the autumn of 2014, Walsall College ran a train the trainer programme to build capacity for delivering the main EUGANGS programme in 2015. The folders in this section contain resources from the trainer sessions covering the five key areas of policy, safe working, social factors, psychology and interpersonal communication. Included in the packs are lesson plans, presentation slides, activities, writing frames, relevant links, as well as reflections on approaches to training.

  1. Policy 1 – trainers identified and evaluated policies related to youth work – download .zip
  2. Policy 2 – trainers discussed definitions of policy, and considered the implications of implementing particular policies and using funding streams to support their work – download .zip
  3. Safe Working 1 – at the beginning of this session, trainers reviewed gangs policy in Sandwell, before considering safe working in relation to individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol – download .zip
  4. Safe Working 2 – trainers considered safe working in relation to home visits and organising a community event – download .zip
  5. Social Factors 1 – trainers worked with drama students to consider social factors related to involvement with gangs – download .zip
  6. Social Factors 2 – trainers looked at some of the evidence concerning links between various media and people’s behaviour and attitudes – download .zip
  7. Psychology 1 – trainers looked at psychological theories and empirical evidence to understand aggressive behaviour – download .zip
  8. Psychology 2 – trainers looked at theories about group behaviour and applied what they learned to the young people they work with – download .zip
  9. Interpersonal Communication 1 – trainers considered the principles of effective mentoring and evaluated activities related to motivational interviewing and emotional intelligence – download .zip
  10. Interpersonal Communication 2 – trainers looked at Transactional Analysis and Karpman’s Drama Triangle as frameworks for understanding dynamics in conversation – download .zip