Training course on 7th-11th July at St George’s Community Hub

Titan will host delegates to the EU Gangs training course on 7th-11th July at St George’s Community Hub. The training programme has been devised by University College Birmingham (UCB) and informed  by a research report commissioned by the project. The 5 day programme will be attended by a diverse group of experienced community and youth support workers from a variety of organisations in Italy, Romania, Greece the UK and Cyprus. The delegates will work through practical sessions and theory-based discussions but also share their experiences of working with gangs and gang culture. The programme aims to support our expert delegates to take back the training and deliver this to other community outreach organisations and relevant education providers, with the content contextualised to their local and national issues. From the foundations of this training the project aims to develop fully accredited vocational courses across Europe to support those striving to tackle gang culture.