Target Groups

The EUGANGS project recognises that Birmingham (UK) is a centre of excellence for meeting the challenges presented by gangs.  The project aims to train professionals and community activists to operate effectively in gang related environments.  Visitors will observe and train in this innovative work in Birmingham, via a week of training in July 2014 delivered by University College Birmingham, in partnership with Walsall College.  At the end of the training, they will be better able to understand the social and psychological aspects of gang culture and to offer practical approaches which will result in improved interaction and engagement in this complex environment. This training will then be cascaded by these expert trainers to others including police, health, social and community workers from partner countries Greece, Italy and Romania, as well as UK organisations from Birmingham, Manchester and Gloucestershire.

The programme aims to develop a transnational vocational programme, accredited within Europe, to support the gang agenda so that those professionals who come into contact with gangs will be better prepared for their roles.

The project is funded until 2016, is based on need demonstrated by research, and will offer real benefits to local communities.  The research has been led by ABCD Community Services Limited (UK).
For further information please contact Helen Mawson, European Projects Manager at the Titan Partnership, on 0121 212 4567 or by email at