Research & Training Reports

Why do people join gangs and ‘behave badly’? They probably do so to fulfil the needs that any adolescents have: peer friendship, pride, identity development, enhancement of self-esteem, excitement, the acquisition of resources, and goals that may not, due to low-income environments, be available through legitimate means. They may offer a strong psychological sense of community, a physical and psychological neighbourhood, a social network, and social support (Goldstein, 1991).

In short, gangs form for the same reasons that any other group forms; they frame a human need for social identity (Goldstein, 2002). Read more speciffic details for the partnership countries by following the links:

EU Gangs Summative report:  download file
EU Gangs Summative report appendices:  download .zip file

Throughout the project lifetime, all partners implemented a complex research and training activity, leading up to the development of a specialized team of experts in the topic. Please read in the documents bellow details about the activities and the results.

Train the Trainer Report: download file

Research Reports for WP4 and WP5: