EUGANGS is a collaborative project carried by professionals from five countries who have 36 months to research, develop and accredit at national level a new vocational/ professional qualification for those working in Gang and Youth Crime environments across Europe.

Although gangs are prevalent in most large cities across the EU, there is no systematic, well supported and cohesive vocational training programme that addresses the structural, social, cultural psychological and public policy context in which gang activism emerges and operates.

Gangs and gang crime similarly cannot be dealt with as a national issue in order to have real impact in communities. Membership of gangs is becoming complex and multi-cultural / multi ethnic as people become more mobile. The increasingly international dimension of some street gangs poses a cross border threat.

Eugangs follows a life long learning framework and in order to encourage further transfer partners will explore insertion of the training programmes onto The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

EUGANGS develops a new training trainers programme, supported with a trainer’s guide and resources to enable those with experience of working in this field to be formally accredited and become trainers either in formal, non-formal or informal VET (Vocational education and training) provision.  A modular approach will be  delivered and supported by developing an e-learning platform.

The partnership shows relevant geographical coverage and is thought to be large and diverse enough to incorporate many different cultural backgrounds, languages and experiences to offer an excellent test bed for the initiative.

EUGANGS anchors the knowledge, skills and competences of those touched by gang culture enabling a sustainable learning process evolve to create a qualification which is not only theoretically sound but is credible, based on real life experiences. This is achieved through careful and effective consultation with all stakeholders from public/private services, community activists and gang members themselves within NGOs, employees in local businesses located in gang afflicted communities.

Innovating in education and training is a key priority of the Europe 2020 strategy. EUGANGS responds to The Agenda for New Skills and Jobs, Youth on the Move, the Digital Agenda by developing a new qualification to match new skills needed in the labour market for workers of all ages, including young people in VET.