The Project

Each country is at different stages of development reflecting growth in gang culture. By bringing together partners from across Europe we can encourage:

a) more rapid development of ideas in some areas;
b) review and reflection in communities where gang culture is rife that will aid their further development and the development in countries outside of this partnership to which this project can be transferred;
c) challenge current thinking and practice at EU level dealing with members of gangs.
Promotion of mutual recognition of qualifications between EU Member States and the implementation of the ECVET framework on a European scale is high on the list of priorities in Europe as laid down in the Bologna Process, Copenhagen Process and Lisbon Treaty reflecting this partnerships commitment to wider transfer by inserting the new programme onto ECVET.

The content of the new training programme will address issues related to diversity (including the issues of ethnic minority membership of gangs, gender involvement) culture, and language in each country.

Both training trainers and VET programmes with all supportive resources will be translated into each partner language evidencing transfer potential. The e-learning platform with uploaded content will also be available in all partner languages.