Training Trainers (WP 6)

Coordinator: CPIP, Romania
Timeframe: 7 months

Using the results from the training needs analysis, the aim of this WP is to develop the final training programme content for the 5-day expert training programme to take place in Birmingham in July 2014. This will form the basis for the final training trainer programme to be used in each country.

Once the training content has been agreed as a final draft, partners will each send an expert trainer to the UK to undertake the training trainer programme in July 2014.  Back in their own country, trainers will train an additional 5 trainers to develop a specialist pool of trained trainers. This will provide each partner with time to further consider any amendments required in the light of feedback, particularly in regard to language and culture.

A final version of the training trainer programme and training guide will be produced once all training trainer programmes have completed in each country.


  1. Training content for 5-day training programme of experts
  2. Five-day training programme in UK
  3. Training trainer programmes in each partner country by February 2015
  4. Training trainer guide Manual
  5. Consolidated report by March 2015