Training Needs Analysis (WP 5)

Coordinator:  CEIS, Italy
Timeframe: 3 months

This WP continues to build upon the results of the research from each country. The desk research may have identified some form of relevant provision in each country and at what level it exists. From this, the partners will be able to identify if provision is aimed at those working with gangs, and in what way.

The research team will provide the partners with the survey questionnaires:

  • Targeted at those already working in this field (paid/unpaid)
  • Targeted at trainers in the sectors in which these workers operate


  1. Training Needs Analysis Specification
    From February 2014 each partner will use the final version of the survey instrument to obtain data for their country.
  2. Training Needs Analysis Report
    Each partner will produce their national report in their own language and English with translations of the questionnaires into English. This will be considered in detail at the meeting in France in May 2014, the final version being produced after discussion at this meeting.