Dissemination and Exploitation (WP 9)

Coordinator: CPIP, Romania
Timeframe: 30 months

The aim of this WP is to fully disseminate information wider than the partnership in order to begin influencing policy level decision makers as to the value of the approach being adopted by the partnership. Three periods for dissemination will be identified.

Transnational and national dissemination strategies and action plans will be produced, as a multi-layer document of reference. This document will identify the key target groups for dissemination, purpose for dissemination, expected results, methodology and time frame. In order to maximise on the mainstreaming potential of the project dissemination will begin as soon as the project receives approval. The dissemination strategy will be divided into two markets “internal” (the national and transnational partnerships) and external (outside of the partnership).

The aim of this work package is to ensure that the learning, the tools (outputs) and the outcomes have an impact wider than the partnership involved. The quality of the activity in the dissemination work package will have a direct impact on this work package to ensure success of the dissemination and exploitation process as will the quality of the products and information being exploited.

The key to successful exploitation is ensuring that the project has met identified needs, so the initial work package to identify need and undertake a detailed research and consultation within each partners identified cohort is of real relevance to successful project delivery. It is also important that need is reviewed as part of the partnership review process as changing external Environments can impact on need and relevance.


  1. Dissemination and exploitation strategy
  2. Dissemination impact log
  3. Dissemination tools and resources

Dissemination events