Development of the Blended E-learning Resource (WP 8)

Coordinator: ACTION, Greece
Timeframe: 20 months

The aim of this WP is to develop an e-learning version of the teacher training and VET programme in order to make it available across Europe and to maximise its impact in regard to ongoing transferability.

The WP will be developed in two phases:

  1. the initial development of the e-learning platform building upon ACTION’s current e learning platform
  2. the development of the e-learning content based upon the face to face course content and the trainer guide. In addition any resources useful for the trainers will also be available for download from this platform.


  1. Adapted E-Learning Platform
    Production of the E-Learning Platform to deliver the e-learning version of the trainer training course and trainer guide on which content and resources will be uploaded. The platform will be able to support all kinds of formats (videos, audios, flash applications etc.) in order to make the content interactive for trainers.
  2. E-Learning version of the trainer training course content by the end of February 2015
  3. E-Learning version of the VET training programme content by October 2015
  4. E-Learning Platform Manual by the end of March 2015

Pilot the E-Learning Platform by the end of August 2016
The five expert trainers in each country will review the web based training programme in order that they can use the platform and its content with their future learners on the new VET programme.