Building The Solution (WP 7)

Coordinator: UCB, UK
Timeframe: 11 months

The training trainer programme will be based on the identification of agreed learning outcomes which will enable the final programmes to be inserted onto ECVET database to promote longer term sustainability. The aim of the training programmes is for each of the partners to agree and use a common procedure to recognise the learning outcomes (as agreed in WP5) which can be achieved in formal, non-formal and informal settings. The transnational partnership will need to agree the number of credits and ECVET points (not the same as credits) for the programme, so enabling trainers undertaking teaching practice outside of their own country in this field, to be recognised in their own country, or indeed anywhere.

Although this may be seen as 90 classroom hours, the learning outcomes may well be achieved through practical work based tasks, either as part of this 90 hours or as an extension to them. s


  1. Production of draft content for pilot by July 2015
  2. National Accreditation by December 2015
  3. The pilot in each country by January 2016
  4. Case studies from pilot projects
  5. Consolidated report by March 2016