Desk and Consultative Research (WP 4)

Coordinator: Titan Ltd, UK
Timeframe: 4 months

The aim of this WP is to produce an initial desk research report which can be used immediately from early within the project to raise awareness of the gap in training in this field within Vocational Education Training. The final report will be used to target decision and policy makers in local/regional/national government, and those responsible for delivering training in the public services.

Five countries will be involved: UK, France, Italy Romania and Greece. Desk research will be undertaken in each country to assess what is currently available and where, and identify any best practice.

We propose a community led action consultative research approach utilising the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD: McKnight, USA) to a Community Based Participatory Research methodology. This approach empowers communities to be centre stage in the design and application of the research process encouraging and establishing participation and ownership of the process through a citizen action – community solution framework.

The crucial insight is that people, families and wider community-based organisations have quite extraordinary capacities that could be mobilised to help meet key community safety issues such as gang and youth violence affecting young people and their communities.Local Government and Public Agencies are challenged with new ways of shaping and delivering local public services.


  1. Desk Research framework and specification
    A research specification will be produced for the first transnational meeting in December 2013 to consider.
  2. Consultation workshops
    Two workshops will be held where key residents will be engaged in research activities by 35 community researchers and community advocates through ‘social learning’ actions rather than straightforward consultation. They will benefit¬† from improved understanding of gang associational dynamics, their local impact(s) on community safety¬† and opportunities to build interventionist capacity and activity within their community.
  3. Desk Research Report– Contextual reports for each partner country
    A final report focused for initially an internal, and later for an external, audience will be produced in December 2015. An academic paper that includes key results and findings will be generated if feasible, using results and findings from the final report.