Eurosuccess (CY)

Eurosuccess Consulting, through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology. EUROSUCCESS identified, from the initial steps of its operations, the need for creating links between the Cyprus economy and the wider European market and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union. EUROSC is the assessor body designated (3 years in a row) by the National Cypriot Agency, for the Mobility Projects within Leonardo da Vinci.

Today EUROSUCCESS offers a variety of services to the Public sector, well cooperation with the Cyprus Penitentiary, as well as the Private sector, educational organisation, of Cyprus. Eurosuccess Consulting has also started to actively participate in European research schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience of its founder.

EUROSUCCESS has expertise in working with the penitentiary system: Convict Aid Liberty Project. In this project they developed a national research with inmates and staff, training workshops concerning the further development of staff training in prisons, and validation seminars for tools developed. They have a strong collaboration with the Nicosia Penitentiary.

Working with key competency development in training programmes : Refining and integrating the competence measurement tool on national/regional/local level in the partner countries ; exchanging, adapting and integrating the training programmes and training materials to improve the key competences

They have a very strong network within Cyprus with the local agricultural sector and beekeepers

Eurosuccess is currently involved into eight (8) Leonardo TOI projects-one of it as coordinator, as well as is one of the assessors for the Cypriot NA.
contact person – Giorgos Giorgakis, e-mail: