Management and Co-ordination (WP 1)

Coordinator: Titan Ltd, UK
Timeframe: 36 months


The aim of this WP is to ensure full compliance with EACEA management, administrative and financial requirements for delivery and reporting on the project. Although Titan will lead this project work package the overall transnational project management group will be charged with and have equal responsibility for:

  1. project administration at their national level,
  2. allocation of workloads, deadlines and schedules to deliver the project at national level and within the transnational time frames ,
  3. budgetary control and authorisation of expenditure at national level, overall quality control of delivery at national level.

Titan will ensure that detailed monitoring, evaluation and review mechanisms are in place for all the partners to use to ensure that the project is compliant with EACEA requirements. This will meet with EFQM standards in that Quality Control will have the following aims and objectives:

  • To ensure robust quality management systems and processes are in place
  • To actively engage all partners in the quality management process from the very start
  • To oversee work package developments with a brief to provide formative feedback throughout the project, in addition to overall summative reports to accompany the Interim and Final Reports.
  • To operate rigorous and systematic activity and financial monitoring using well-established, user-friendly, systems.
  • To produce the Interim and Final Reports, incorporating feedback and evidence from all partners
  • To build on and draw together quality management procedures embodied in all other work-packages.


1. Project management handbook and work plan
The handbook with all the templates will be uploaded onto the project management extranet for all partners to access.

2. Quarterly Monitoring Reports
Titan will provide the templates for the quarterly qualitative and financial reports. These templates will be used by all the partners and submitted directly to Titan.

3. Interim Report
The interim report as required by EACEA submitted by the due deadline with all additional evidence as required including the formative and interim evaluation reports.

4. Final Report
The final report with examples of the products, all reports and evidence submitted by the due deadline to EACEA supported with the final evaluation report and research.

5. Project management extranet – web based tool
St. George’s in partnership with ACTION Synergy will set up a project management extranet for the partners to use for uploading all relevant project documentation.