Titan Partnership Ltd. (UK)

“Through mutual support and collaboration with the wider community, we will achieve high quality in education, with relevant learning experiences to broaden and enhance opportunities for all our students.”

Titan is a partnership of Birmingham inner-city education and community providers working together for over 25 years to raise the quality of life for children, young people and adults living in the Titan area in North West Birmingham.

The over fifty nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and community partners within Titan charity share ideas, resources and professional development opportunities. They develop common approaches to deal with the challenges of raising attainment, achievement and engagement. Titan provides teacher training opportunities for primary and secondary education, through the School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) scheme and the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP). We also provide a service for the assessment of Overseas Trained Teachers (OTT). Titan has many business partners but is supported in particular by the Birmingham Science Park, Aston.

Further information about Titan can be found on www.titan.org.uk.

Role in the project

Titan will be the lead partner responsible for holding the contract with EACEA for the transnational partnership and will work in partnership with St. George’s Hub to co-ordinate the overall project. As a specialist in teacher training and also accreditation we will work to develop both content based on learning outcomes to meet the ECVET requirements, but also pay particular attention to how the new training programme can be used as additional in-service training / CPD for teachers who are also experiencing the impact of gang culture in their professional lives at school. Titan will lead the dissemination work package using its links into teacher training, with ESHA (European School Head Teachers Association) as vehicles for sharing the results of the project.

Contact person: John Bridgman – Executive director | jpb@titan.org.uk